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The GALS LA Student Pledge is made up of positive affirmations that capture the essence of what makes GALS a unique place to learn and grow.

Students and staff recite the pledge each morning after our school-wide morning workout. Affirmations support students (and staff) in developing and maintaining a positive, healthy, responsible mindset and self-image. But students do more than just recite the pledge as habit. The Pledge is a living document that is integrated into the school community to reinforce positive behaviors and redirect negative ones, via restorative justice practices, and in student self-reflection.

I know who I am.

I know that I matter.

I know what matters to me.

I make choices and decisions that are good for me.

I take good care of my body.

I stand up for what I believe in.

I let people know what I think.

I take responsibility for my actions and myself.

I see the loving nature in others and myself.

I listen with my heart and mind.

I know I can make a positive difference in the world in my own unique way.