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Empowering girls to succeed academically, ​lead confidently, live boldly, and thrive physically!
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Founders of GALS

Liz Wolfson Co-Founder, Executive Director
Liz Wolfson created the vision for the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools eight years ago, raised over half a million dollars in angel funding, developed the strategic plan and moved to Colorado to open the flagship schools here in Denver. Currently GALS has grown to 350 students in grades 6-11, with its first graduating class in 2018.  Liz Wolfson is also leading the charge to open a Denver boys middle school in 2017. Due to Liz's leadership, GALS is the first Colorado home-grown educational network to expand beyond the state's border, as GALS Los Angeles is set to open this fall of 2016. Liz believes her passion for comprehensive health in schools stems from her upbringing in the world of competitive athletics where she competed in Division I Field Hockey.

Liz has spent the bulk of her career working for CEO’s and Philanthropists in manifesting their visions and starting up corporate and philanthropic projects locally, nationally and internationally. Former non-profit clients include the Institute for International Sport, The American Montessori Society, The Rose Institute (for homeless youth) and a former Prime Minister of the State of Israel. Former corporate work includes creating the first global communications division for Comverse, a world leader in voice activated systems,  and raising seed-funding for TaskMail, the first Jordanian/Israeli high tech start-up company.

Liz received her undergraduate degree from Brown University and earned her Masters Degree at the Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles.  Liz considers herself a force in organizational behavior and strives to model leadership based on relationships, not compliance. Liz is married and has two daughters aged 5 and 9.
Nina Safane Co-Founder, 6-8 Head of School

Nina, the co-founder of the Girls Athletic Leadership School, has worked as the RTI Coordinator, Director of Special Education, Director of Health & Wellness, and Director of Student Life at GALS. This year, Nina is excited to lead the Middle School! Nina graduated with a BA in Education from Brown University and an MA in Education from Columbia University. Prior to the opening of GALS, Nina worked as the Chief of Staff for State Senator Mike Johnston. A former Division 1 rugby player, Nina enjoys running, Crossfit, coffee, and ice cream.