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Who We Are

Who We Are
Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles (GALS LA) will provide a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum for middle school girls in the Van Nuys area. GALS will have a small school environment, with approximately 125 girls per grade level. The student:teacher ratio is 25:1.
GALS LA takes a holistic stance to development that recognizes the deep connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body.  Through the integration of a health and wellness curriculum addressing the physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs of female adolescents, GALS LA helps students to emerge as leaders of their own lives. The young women at GALS LA have the ability to pursue their strengths and passions and to understand their responsibility to the local and global community.

The Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles envisions a world where all young women, regardless of their background, have the opportunity to access the skills, knowledge, and self-determination to succeed in secondary school, college and in their communities and the world.
"It would seem impossible to get an education at a public high school that would be "personalized" to my child's needs.  But the GALS staff made the effort to personalize to my daughter's style and needs.  We had a great middle school experience.  
​Tess happily and proudly did four years of math in three years of middle school.  It was hard work, but she learned to take pride in that.  She actually grew frustrated that she had not chosen Advanced Language Arts and is looking to push herself harder in high school.  And let's not forget the physical conditioning that has been great for her too.  She has learned to push herself both mentally and physically.  She is a good kid who probably had these traits in her, but GALS nurtured them and brought them out. Leaping into an untested high school would seem to be a risk, but the GALS model worked so well for us for the last three years that there really was not another choice."
-  Robin McEvoy, 9th grade parent